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Heaven up is a Christian social network site where believers and Christian youth can network and share their faith with others. Post up your own Christian video or view Christian videos that others have shared. Blog about current events or issues and discuss them with fellow believers, or even create a cause that allows you to take action and help improve or impact the issues and events you are writing about. Discover like-minded Christian youth to create and network ideas together. Listen to Christian music and learn about, or discover Christian bands from major labels to indie groups, and even popular up and coming Christian artists. Vote for Christian bands and Christian Music that you enjoy and share it with others. Help support local Christian bands in your area, or create your own Christian band page to share your music with others. Meet people from the global Christian community and join or create Christian groups with similar hobbies or ministry goals in mind. Shop in our Christian store for Christian apparel, audio books, and more. Join Heaven Up and become a part of the believers social network today.